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Thank Offering 2017

An important part of our commitment to the Lord involves supporting the proclamation of the Gospel. We can do this by the witness of our words and our deeds.  We can also do this by supporting and praying for those who are spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. In particular we in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church can support and pray for our home missionaries, our foreign missionaries and our training and educational programs. These ministries are combined under the umbrella called “Worldwide Outreach.”

Every year we take up a Thank Offering to support Worldwide Outreach. A large portion of our Home Missions, World Missions and Christian Education work is dependent on a successful Thank Offering.  If you look at the Worldwide Outreach chart on the Stewardship page of this month’s New Horizons magazine, you will see that giving this year has fallen well behind where it needs to be.

Let us show our delight in the Lord by supporting the Thank Offering, and we will see the Lord bless our united labors for the sake of His kingdom.

Over the next few weeks Redeemer members will receive a promotional flyer from the OPC in their mailbox. On November 12th, a flyer with a giving envelope will be provided for the opportunity to give according to how God has led.