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Small Groups provide a unique opportunity to better understand and deepen our relationship with the Lord and other believers in smaller gatherings. All Christians, of every age, benefit from prioritizing time during our week to study God’s Word, engage in prayer, and enjoy deepening our fellowship with one another in a smaller group setting.


Christianity Explored

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study (Sanctuary)
We all get one life to live and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about? The message at the heart of Christianity is pretty simple. It’s all about one life, the life of Jesus, and it can be summed up in the answers to three questions: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus come? What does it mean for us? Whether you want to find the answers to these questions or help others answer them, this study is for you. Join Pastor Jonathan for this video presentation and small group discussion.  See Wed. Night @ Redeemer for details.

Prayer Meeting

Charles Spurgeon called prayer meeting “the engine room of the church.” Our Wednesday Night Prayer time helps power the rest of Redeemer’s ministries as we boldly approach the throne of grace to pray for the members, ministries, and mission God has entrusted to us. Join us at 6:45 PM in the Senior Pastor’s office for this time of conversation and communion with God together.

Bible Studies

We offer a variety of Bible Studies. Click here to see what they are.