Fellowship Events give us opportunities to strengthen Christian relationships through informal activities and conversations. All Christians, of every age, benefit from opportunities to share life with one another and to build one another up in our faith in Christ.


Hospitality Sundays

The theme of our ministry year (2018-19) is biblical hospitality. In addition to teaching about hospitality in sermons and Adult Sunday School, Hospitality Sundays give us the opportunity to practice hospitality. On the first Sunday of each month, there will be no Sunday School classes. Instead, the congregation is encouraged to invite friends and visitors into their homes or to enjoy time in other’s homes. The purpose of these Hospitality Sundays is to promote and encourage deep friendships among the congregation as we learn to care for each other, encourage each other, and carry each other’s burdens. It is also a tangible way that we seek to show the love of Jesus Christ to visitors who may worship with us. Shepherding elders have been invited to host Shepherding Fold lunches at the church on Hospitality Sundays. Details will be provided in Redeemer Life.


Two or three times a year, Redeemer enjoys church-wide picnics. These generally take place on the Sunday before Memorial Day, the Sunday before Labor Day, and a Sunday towards the end of June. See our Church Calendar to see when these picnics are scheduled.

Seasonal Services

Redeemer Church holds various season services. We participate in a presbytery-wide “Good Friday Service” the Friday before Easter. We invite the community to be a part of our “Easter Morning Worship Service”. We also gather the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving for a special “Praise and Testimony Service”. Finally, we host a “Christmas Eve” Service as well. Depending upon the year, this special service takes place the Sunday evening before Christmas or on Christmas Eve itself. For the precise times of these services, please see our Church Calendar.